Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wedding Collage

This seems like the easiest way to share the pictures of the wedding, I think you can zoom in and look around. I love you guys!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Stuck in Massachusetts

The snow has taken over the west coast and the coast of Maine. Snow- beautiful, cold, cushy, playful snow. The kind of snow that keeps you inside baking cookies or begs you to come outside and dive head first into the depth of it. The kind of snow that I wait the entire year for- patiently praying in the middle of July, making promises to the snow gods each fall. I even got married outside in the snow, offering up my holy matrimony as a gracious sacrifice for the almighty snow gods.

The snow has taken over the west coast and the coast of Maine. Unfortunately, I am in Massachusetts.

Friday, December 19, 2008

End of "The (pronounced th+ long e, like flea) Week"

As mentioned previously, I find time amid my tracking to train the local mongrels up at the school house. Their kind is infinitely harder than bears... especially on "The Week".

"The Week" refers to that special time in the school house when all sense of academics, routine, or composure go flying out the window for the ever important 'Holiday Season'. Any ring leader will pronounce the phrase The Week with the same muddled disgust usually reserved for unwelcome relatives.

During this week, mature mongrels lose the ability to read and write. Elementary achievements are no longer reached. Basic communication skills are abandoned and replaced by more necessary ones- yelling and demanding; while academics give way to more challenging activities- decorating cookies and painting.

The voices of ring leaders' that could once wrangle the rowdiest of wild things mean nothing at this time. A wave of sugar-high disarray comes flooding through the building, drowning anything in its path.

Even the best intentions cannot save The Week from being over run with gluttony and craze. An experienced ring leader may decide that the mongrels cannot read to themselves at this time, but that does not mean that they cannot place their furry heads on the desk and be lulled into calm by tales of quiet snow and changing light. Experienced ring leaders may even have their own cage under peaceful control, succumbed by a read aloud trance.

It never lasts. Another braver (hmmm, less knowing) ring leader will just come along and open the gate and free the beasts. It happens every time. It is easier to simply give in and wait for the moment I am enjoying right now.

The bell and end of the The Week.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

tracking bears by the sea

you may already know that bears love the sea. I did not know this until I decided it was a good idea to move 20 miles out onto the Atlantic. Bears are swarming here, you are never without tracks. Pretty lucky for me cause I have been tracking bear for nearly two decades.

I started out small, but now have the help of my two assistants, wolf dog and hound dog.

Wolf dog, always ready for the track, is eager and lively. She uses her agility and endurance to assist in the trials. Hound dog is the mastermind behind the operation. She presses her powerful ears against the dirt to listen for the vibrations of passing bear. She is demonstrating this below.