Friday, January 16, 2009

Sea Smoke

There are few images more satisfying to me in the morning than sea smoke.

I wake up and look out the window, welcoming each new 10 degree day. The shore is about 200 yards from my bedroom and as I slowly wake up...HA! Wait a second, you guys all know me already so I will rephrase, as I quickly wake up and stare out the window, I always hope for my favorite treat...sea smoke. It is this glorious, steamy looking smoke that floats off the ocean water and gives the illusion that that sea has become a giant hot tub. It is almost hard to believe that it is absolutely frigid out. For a moment I can imagine being in the west, lying in a hot spring, surrounded by cedar and snow, and immersed in toasty warm water.

As I take the dogs out for the morning stroll, I maneuver over the ice that has formed a permanent layer on my walkway (I find it thrilling to have a death trap greet me each morning.) My illusions of hot springs and steam quickly fade. But.... I am left with the most wonderful view.


  1. exquisite.
    this is why i wanted you to blog...
    for these tiny windows into your Life, which is so different from mine, yet so much the same...

  2. Hey love,
    Beautiful pictures and what a way to wake up! I am home all day, this Sunday and will try to call you.