Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shopping for a home

So, the bears have started hibernating for the winter. They are much harder to find which leaves me with a lot more time on my hands. I could be spending that time helping young mongrels learn to read and write, but I figure they can handle that on their own. I mean, in many cultures they would already be parents.

So, instead of teaching and tracking, I have opted for a much more useful and obviously exciting way to use my minutes. I am shopping for a house. It only has one major requirement- it has to float. Well, it also has to sail and fit potentially 4 people and 2 dogs.

So far, I have fallen in love with one potential home. It is a Cal 39. The pictures may portray the home as a fixer upper, but it is truly magnificent. The galley is in the perfect place, the head needs a shower, but the husband can do that on his own. The v-berth can be easily divided to fit two young mongrels, each with their own cubby space. And, the best part is the husband can stand upright in it without hitting his head.

Here are some of the pics.

Above is Rossie looking towards the stern. You have to step on the counter to get in.
Below is looking towards the bow, my living room, dining room, and then to potential young mongrels room.

Below is the lovely galley. No, no, it really is lovely.

Here is the deck. It is huge!! And non-slip which is perfect for hound dog and her arthritis.


  1. What a delightful time with you last night, my dear! And what a lovely new home you've shared with us! Young mongrels...just imagine ;)

  2. ...I am jealous!!!!
    Save journeys though.